SNADNEE means simple in Czech

As developers, we have also developed. From the Brno’s website development agency into the development studio of progressive web apps. And we believe that quality is guaranteed in individual development. That's why we're focusing on progressive, tailor-made applications, but we're still able of programming your website.

Snadnee Snadnee
I want to see references

Our clients


Race Sims We have designed the web solution.


Motortec We have launched an online car bazar.


Strojírenství.cz We have programmed the largest Czech engineering portal.


MyDentLabWe make an application for dental laboratories.



„Together, we have developed an application for dental laboratory the MyDentLab, which improves communication between dental technicians and physicians and makes laboratory operations more efficient. The application is so intuitive that users do not need any training or tutorials.“

Jiří Sedláček
Owner of dental laboratory JS Lab

Klient říká

We work in a castle

Bauer's mansion is the oldest building at Brno’s výstaviště. It was built by the owner of the sugar factory Mořic Bauer at the beginning of the 19th century and it was very well done. Thanks to it we have a chill in the summer and a beautiful and wild greenery all around.

chillout zóna

Bauer chateau
Maybe we don’t live in a castle, but we definitely work there.


Our offices
Or rather chambers.


Your desk
..It may look like this. This one belongs to Jan.


Chilling grilling
At least once a month, we do a barbecue together.

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