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10. 10. 2019

Customized progressive applications in just two weeks. The owner takes the car in for service and notices the damage when he picks it up. Was it there when he arrived, or did the garage do it? Czech car service Motortec prevents similar situations by using an app we developed for them in two weeks.

  1. First inquiry 15th of October 2018 First inquiry
  2. Start of work 29th of October 2018 Start of work
  3. Hotová aplikace 12nd of November 2018 Finishing the application

Motortec car dealership sells new and used cars, runs a service and has been our client since 2014. We managed their original website, developed a new one and in October 2018 they approached us with an app enquiry.


We started working with Motortec when we were still web developers under the name SnadnýWeb. In 2018, however, we expanded our range of services, rebranded and extended our cooperation to app development.

More information

Car dealership CEO Marek Ventruba recurring problem with unclear origin of damage. It is quite natural that the customer focuses only on the problem he has come with before the service, and doesn't examine their car thoroughly. However, on handover, he or she carefully walks around the freshly washed car and may notice a scratch or other blemish that he hasn't seen before.

While there are security cameras in the service area, they may not capture everything. That's why managing director Marek Ventruba came up with a solution using a mobile app, where the mechanic would take pictures of the car from all sides when taking it over. If necessary, he could then easily find the photos and compare them with the actual condition.

Mobile vs. progressive web app

Mobile photography clearly makes sense in a car service environment, for a closer examination of the photos but a computer with a large monitor is more convenient. That's why we designed a progressive web app for the client instead of a mobile one.


Uploading car photos: It's really easy and one-click.

The big advantage is also a multiply lower price while the application can be run not only from the desktop, but also from Android as well as from iOS. The decision was made.

For the development of this small application we chose the Vue.js technology. This JavaScript framework allowed us to develop very quickly, and present a prototype to Motortec two weeks later.

What was next?

We quickly programmed and launched the application for the car service. The app is now in pilot operation and we are gathering feedback directly from the technicians who use it so that we can improve it agilely.


Web MotorTec: The new app graphically matches the client's brand.

Technologies used:







Vue JS

Vue JS



JS Lab


The Czech car showroom was established in 1991 and became the first FIAT dealer in the former Czechoslovakia. Gradually, it added Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Lancia to its stable.

It currently sells new and used cars of these brands and operates a car service.


What does the client say?


"We were able to use the app in just two weeks and thanks to its simplicity, the technicians understood it without training."

Ing. Marek Ventruba

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