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7. 11. 2019

The Swiss racing simulator manufacturer has a smart booking system, a product configurator and several other websites. When you can touch the product, the work always goes faster. Let alone when the product is a racing simulator for professional drivers! We have been working with the Swiss startup RacingFuel Simulators (RFS) for more than 5 years.

  1. První poptávka July 2017 First microsite
  2. Spuštění microsite August 2018 Simulator configurator
  3. Začátek vývoje webu June 2019 Swiss Sim Racing website
  4. Spuštení webu March 2021 Race Centers system

In July 2017, RFS had a concept, a design, and they knew their simulator was manufacturable. Like almost every startup, they needed a prototype quickly, while also looking for a reliable partner to help them navigate the digital world and develop a simple booking system. In Switzerland, a personal recommendation plays an important role, so they were not afraid to contact us, a development studio from Brno, almost a thousand kilometers away, based on a reference.

Given the time pressure and the needs of a startup, we proposed to start with a microsite. On it, visitors found basic info about the simulator and especially a calendar of events when and where RFA will present their simulator.


We use the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) method, which allows the client to quickly we quickly deliver a product with only the features that solve the most important problem.

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This procedure has proven to be successful. RFS had a microsite in 2 months and we tried both sides of the collaboration. This was really important in the case of online communication in English, moreover with a fast-developing startup. And we confirmed that we work well together.

What client says...

„From our first meeting with Jan, it only took us 6 months to make a proposal, to create and launch a complete customized system and website. SNADNEE works in a straightforward and focused way on the benefits to our business. We appreciate their experienced advice which they helped us with throughout the process.“

Wani Finkbohner
CEO RacingFuel Academy AG

Wani Finkbohner


Cooperation with startups is specific because of their rapid growth. Everything is handled quickly, assignments change and priorities often change. In addition to developing prototypes, we offer startups our know-how and advise them with a business plan for the Internet.

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The microsite has become several systems and websites

So from 2017 until 2024 we have been working on a system that now has many parts in it. We have gradually launched a visual simulator configurator or a capacity management system for race centres.

Digitální firma

Custom ERP systems

A comprehensive, tailor-made information system that will make managing your business easier and more efficient.

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We put a lot of effort into the speed of all systems. After all, the users of our applications are professional racers and milliseconds are the deciding factor. Laravel and Vue.js and serverless infrastructure on Amazon Web Services helped us a lot in this regard.


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Whats next?

More significant changes are on the way for 2024:

  • Fundamentally redesign the RFS main page and simulator configurator
  • Expand the functionality of the Race Centers booking system to include memberships, championships and new languages
  • připravit novou strategii růstu projektu

We continue to communicate using Trello and Google Meet, and we use the Trello bulletin board for agile project management. The Swiss team simply posts a task or idea there and keeps track of the progress.

Technology stack:







Serverless AWS

Serverless AWS

JS Lab

Racingfuel Simulators

The Swiss racing simulator manufacturer entered the market in 2017. It is engaged in the production and sale of simulators for racing drivers, operating racing centres with simulators and organising the Swiss Sim Racing Series.


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