Customer system

Customer system

Finally, a system that keeps track of your customers while helping customers keep up with their benefits.

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What can our customer system do

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We develop custom-made applications. So yours can do anything you please. Ideally we would consult this during our meeting. But for a quick overview, here is a list of the most popular benefits of a customer system:

  • an overview of all orders in one place
  • detailed information about clients (including birthdays and favorite products)
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Zákaznícký systém

Our numbers

2months it approximately takes to develop a customer system.

0forgotten birthdays or registration anniversaries of your customers.

1supplier is all you need. We will provide an online system, plastic cards and even a suitable cash register.

How may your app look like

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Thanks to an overview of your employees and clients you can manage rewards more efficiently.

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The calendar will filter out useful data and remind you of customers’ birthdays.

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A detailed rating view will provide relevant feedback.

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