How we work

We must start now. There is never enough time in business. Thanks to effective work organization and best practice we know what not to delay.

First meeting

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We will quickly get to know your business and especially the goal. Do you want to make the sales department more efficient? Or perhaps we will work together to find out where you can save money? Once we know your target perfectly, we aim and never miss.



After our first meeting, we will prepare the first suggestion of solution. Your goal gets a more accurate look with the technologies, time consumption and progress.



If you like the proposal of the solution and agree with the budget, we will get to work. The whole team is always working on the project, so we will progress fast. During the work we keep you informed about the status of the project, so you have an overview of the work progress. You will also get access to the Trello board, so you can always look at it or add a new idea.



It is always agile. We quickly deliver functional units to you and work together to adapt your work to the current situation. Something is still changing in the business. What you requested yesterday may not apply today. We are ready.


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First, the project is tested by the developer, then project manager, then anybody else in SNADNEE, and then it is your turn. You will always have enough time to test before starting.



We will take care of the operation on the AWS cloud solution. We offer a wide range of service contracts for all company and application sizes. Successful application is still developing and we will advise you how to do it.

Do you want to digitalize? SNADNEE

Let’s arrange an online meeting and talk about the possibilities we can offer your business.

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