How we work

The development of a progressive, tailor-made application lasts about 2 months on average. It is so fast, because of our efficient organization of work and a well-known process.

First meeting


Let's get to know your business and mainly your goal. Do you want to make your business department more efficient? Or you don’t have enough employees? Once we know your target perfectly, that is the foundation for an effective solution.



After our first meeting, we will prepare the first suggestion of solution. Your goal gets a more accurate look with the technologies, time consumption and progress.

Deal? Deal!


If you like the proposal of the solution and agree with the budget, we will get to work. The whole team is always working on the project, so we will progress fast.



During the work we keep you informed about the status of the project, so you have an overview of the work progress. You will also get access to the Trello board, so you can always look at it or add a new idea.


betaversionalmost done

First we will test it and then it is your turn. Before submitting a full version, you can check that everything is running as it should.



We will fix any possible problem in the agreed term, plus we can offer you hosting for a smooth running of your application. We are also available to implement any new ideas. Yours and ours.

Do you want a customer system? SNADNEE

Let’s arrange a meeting and talk about the possibilities we can offer your business.

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