Loyalty system

Loyalty program

If you want to keep track of hours worked, financial analysis and overall focus on project management. You do not need multiple programs and spreadsheets forwarded through emails. Your custom-made system will be able to do all of this with just a few clicks.

What can a loyalty program do


Your loyal customers or employees deserve benefits. The most convenient usage is a combination of an online system and loyalty cards. We will take care of everything, including pairing it with the cash register:

  • online loyalty card top-ups
  • connection to a payment gateway
Věrnostní systém

Our numbers

1Ssupplier is all you need. We will provide an online system, plastic cards and even a suitable cash register.

7days a week. Is when you can top-up your card.

500+ 500+ It’s up to you how many “loyal customers” you want to have.

How may your app look like

Obrázek 1

See who is a loyal customer.

Obrázek 2

Find out how many customers use your discounts.Easily determine how many customers use your discounts.

Obrázek 3

Multiple branches isn’t a problem for us - compare their workload in real time.

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