When you have a large information system, the creation of missing functionality may not be so far-reaching and expensive. If you find out that you need to implement a new feature, a simple single-purpose application will do it for you.

What can a microapplication do

QR kódsnadnee

Even a small application can solve a large problem. Ideally we would consult this during our meeting. But for a quick overview, here is a list of the most popular benefits of a microapplication:

  • scanning QR codes
  • digitalization of forms
  • meeting room management

What we've done

Digitized car serviceQuick shooting from all sides, adding license plate and it is clear in what state the car arrived.

Business offersCustomer offers always has current prices, appearance and standard format. Even for a small team of traders, great acceleration.

Mobile technicianWriting order sheets with pre-filled customer, selection of used material via barcode and digital signature? Only with the app.

Client's words


„Working with SNADNEE is really simple - professional, agile and precise. They have developed and managed our application that helps the sales department to operate more efficiently.“

Daniel Mádr
Nordic Telecom

Nordic Telecom

How may your app look like

Obrázek 1

Get a simple data flow between the microapplication and main system.

Obrázek 2

Solve efficiently special requests coming from individual teams in one system.

Obrázek 3

Extra new statistics can be added at any time to the existing ones.

Do you want a microapplication? SNADNEE

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