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Development for startups

You have an idea, we have a team and experience in creating progressive web applications. Thanks to this, we not only develop the prototype quickly and well, but above all we can advise you in the field of business model, pricing and other things that every startup solves.

Development? SNADNEE

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For startups in various stages of growth, we provide complete development from prototypes, through consultations to daily development assistance. And why delegate your business development to us?

  • We will prepare a strong technical assignment
  • We are PWA pioneers in the Czech Republic
  • We have more than 10 years of know-how
  • We have a stable team with set up processes


0experience or your own programmers. We have both.

90 days we usually just need to test your idea on the market.

1 idea means endless work. We can make this journey easier for you.

What can your app look like?

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We will create clear UX and design according to your wishes.

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We will advise you on how to prepare a scalable application.

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Every day we communicate with you and direct your vision into reality.

Chcete vyvíjet s námi? Je to SNADNEE

Domluvme si schůzku a proberme, co můžeme společně udělat pro váš byznys.

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