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The existing company system is not enough for you anymore, but are you afraid to switch to a new one (for example due to accounting)?        We will develop an extension and automation for you based on data from the original application.     So your accountant can work in the original app even if you watch simple charts from your mobile.

What we can help you with

easy implementation

Overview of your business and detailed information about your customer is necesary is just a start. We develop custom-made applications. So yours can do anything you please. Ideally we would consult this during our meeting. But for a quick overview, here is a list of the most popular benefits of a customer system:

  • you can still use the original software
  • data is synchronized between systems in real time
  • you get new features and unlimited possibilities
  • everything will work on your mobile, tablet and computer
System upgrade

What you should know?

SAP, Helios, ABRA, Oracleand many more can work seamlessly with our cloud extensions.

The original app will still workAvoid the painful transition from one system to another. You simply use one that is more suitable for your situation.

Progressive web apps on AWSAll the applications we develop work like PWA - on computers, tablets and smart phones at the same time.

How may your app look like

Screenshot 1

Thanks to an overview of your employees and clients you can manage them more efficiently.

Screenshot 2

We look at important data and associate it with information from your CRM.

Screenshot 3

We will add feedback to your business and give you accurate satisfaction data.

Do you want this customer system?

Let's have a meeting and see what we can do together about your business.

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