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17. 1. 2022

From the digitization of the dental lab to the SaaS product itself. In June 2016, we helped the largest Czech dental laboratory JS Lab with its website. The director of JS Lab, Jiří Sedláček, liked our work, so when an idea started to germinate in his head, he asked us if we could develop software to manage the dental lab. Of course we could.

  1. První poptávka November 2016 First inquiry
  2. 1. February 2017 Minimum viable version
  3. 2. November 2019 Complete refresh and speed upgrade
  4. Vstup na trh Year 2021 Added 50+ new features

As usual, we started by looking for the minimum value among the client's ideas and concepts, i.e., what their biggest problem is and how we can solve it. In JS Lab's case, it was case management.


This procedure is advantageous in that the client receives the first version of the application in a very short time and at minimal cost.

The second basic question was about technology. Jiří Sedláček originally wanted classic PC software, but since he can't do without his smartphone, we recommended a progressive web app that runs as well on a computer as on a mobile phone.. Dal na nás a dostali jsme zelenou.

What client says?

"Together, we developed the MyDentLab dental lab app to improve communication between dental technicians and doctors and streamlines lab operations. The app is so intuitive that users don't need any training or tutorials."

Jiří Sedláček
JS Lab owner

Jiří Sedláček

The dental lab management app project was unique for us because it is a very specific field and there was no predefined solution for many situations. But we knew exactly how to proceed - we used our experience from digitizing other companies and moved forward quickly.


We run projects agilely, using Trello. The client has his own bulletin board where they can see the progress of the work and can add their own ideas.

Forward development is an endless cycle

After we launched the first version in February 2017, mainly addressing case management, we continued to implement other ideas we had full of Trello. However, as time went on, it became clear that the client's ideas were deviating more and more from the original idea and therefore from the technical readiness of the application.

It's natural that the ideas and requirements only trickle down with the first version, so in winter 2019 we advised the client that we would program the app all over again on the newest technologies.

Step back? No way. This solution was more efficient and cheaper than trying to bolt all the required functionality onto the original version.

version 2017

MyDentLab 2017
page load time up to 3 seconds
Everything is calculated on the server and it is overloaded
Basic responsiveness and functioning on mobile
UX that needed major improvements for further development

version 2020

MyDentLab 2020
switching between pages up to 300ms
PHP Laravel, Vue.js, Nuxt
Serverless AWS deployment
Latest PWA application development options

In the second version, the overall simplification of the application proved to be the biggest challenge, even though the number of features has increased significantly. However, we hit the bull's-eye, with dental technicians being most excited about the speed and ease of use.



Single-purpose applications that solve simple problems or tasks and are part of larger applications or programs.

More information

The app became a product SaaS product

The second version of the app does more and more, from calculating product profitability to communicating with dentists to automatic billing. That's why we decided to offer it to other dental technicians around the world. After all, Jiří Sedláček decided to develop it because he couldn't find any similar dental systems on the market.


You can see the app here

And so, since September 2018, MyDentLab has been available to all dental laboratories in Europe.

What's next?

More significant changes are on the way for 2022:

  • tracking of order movement in individual departments
  • automatic identification by barcodes

Technology stack:







Serverless AWS

Serverless AWS

JS Lab

About JS Lab

The largest dental laboratory in Czechia was established in 1994 and is still based in Brno. Owner and founder Jiří Sedláček is committed to continuous development towards new materials, procedures and technologies.

JS Lab shares its know-how through workshops, educational videos and apps for effective dental laboratory management.

JS (czech only)

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