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Just let us know. We're a developer studio with a few people, but we stand for another 10 times larger companies. This is mainly due to the efficient organization of work (hello to Trello and Costlocker) and the constant discovery and testing of new technologies. Just keep reading.

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What we work with?


That's our technological foundation. But more importantly, we always use the latest versions and for each project we are looking for the best possible solution. So you will have the opportunity to explore and discover new tools. There is not going to be any kind of routine.

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Hi, I am Michal

„I work at SNADNEE, because we work with new technologies, we have a great team and I know, that my opinion matters. I certainly have more power in deciding about things than in any corporation company.“

Full-Stack developer


We work in a castle

Bauer's mansion is the oldest building at Brno’s výstaviště. It was built by the owner of the sugar factory Mořic Bauer at the beginning of the 19th century and it was very well done. Thanks to it we have a chill in the summer and a beautiful and wild greenery all around.

chillout zóna

Bauer chateau
Maybe we don’t live in a castle, but we definitely work there.


Our offices
Or rather chambers.


Your desk
..It may look like this. This one belongs to Jan.


Chilling grilling
At least once a month, we do a barbecue together.

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