We always use the newest technologies

For each project we mix our own cocktail of the most suitable technologies. But you can always be sure we use their freshest versions.

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PHP framework to develop backend, for algorithms and everything running in the background of the application. Although we make every application customized, Laravel already allows us to use the login principle.

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Angular and Vue.js

Javascript frameworks for the development of a frontend, or what can be visible. Thanks to Angular and Vue.js, the app looks and work in the same way as the desktop or mobile apps.


AWS + Vapor

Thanks to Laravel Vapor we have moved AWS even further. Instead of renting a classic EC server we use a combination of AWS Lambda, RDS database, Cloudfront, S3 and many others. This gives you unrivaled stability and unlimited scalability.

...and time proven tools.

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A tool that tracks changes in the app during development and easily records them. Thanks to GitLab, we can quickly find and fix errors.

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Writing e-mails in a project causes total chaos. That's why we use Trello. So you can see online what we're working on and when your new feature will be seen by the world.

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The Czech time measurement tool is used in the development and after analysis of the difficulty of the contract. So we can more accurately estimate how long the development will take us.

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